Commercial services

We offer a full range of services for gas and water at commercial properties such as schools, halls of residence, churches, offices and workshops. We are able to provide you with not only new installations and repairs of old systems, but also preventative maintenance and testing. This will allow us to locate problems before they affect your system and keep it running efficiently and as cost-effective as possible.

Pumps & components

Pumps are a vital part of heating and water systems, carrying both hot and cold water around the building to their point of use. However, as with any moving part, they require maintenance and replacement at the end of their service life.

Many problems on large systems are as a result of poor circulation. This can be due to blockages, airlocks or incorrect installation. Many ciruclation problems arise from malfunctioning or inefficent pump components.

Thermalife only supply and fit high quality pumps from industry leading manufacturers like Grundfos, in order to keep your system running with as few problems as possible.

Hot water calorifiers

Hot water calorifiers produce and store hot water for on-demand use. They are an ideal solution to many larger buildings and light industrial applications.

Thermalife can supply and install new calorifier systems, as well as providing ongoing servicing and maintenance for existing installations. We supply products from leading manufacturers such as Hamworthy, Adam Smith and Andrews.

When problems arise, we can diagnose issues, replace component parts and check all safety and control valves.

Building management system (BMS)

Building management systems monitor and controls your hot water and heating systems, ensuring they work at the highest levels of efficiency and prolong the life of the system This is achieved with the correct balance of operating requirements and energy input for the given environmental conditions.

A good BMS will help you save money, reduce energy usage, warn you of issues when or before they arise, and help keep your system downtime to a minumum.

Thermalife have our own in-house BMS engineer who specialises in heating controls.

Mechanical engineering & valves

Mechanical engineering is a large part of any commercial installation. As well as the components such as boilers and pumps, pipework, ventilation and waste also require careful consideration.

Valves are in integral part of any commercial installation. They allow parts of the system to be isolated for maintenance and repair, as well as a host of other applications like filtration, expansion and chemical dosing.

Valves themselves sometimes need maintenance, like all components with moving parts. Thermalife can help with the cleaning of valve filters and replacement of non-functioning valves.


Thermalife offer free estimates for all commercial works. All prices are currently VAT free.

Hourly rates (per engineer)

Callout charge including first hour of work ‐ £100

Hourly rate for all areas of commercial gas and heating ‐ £100

Why Choose Thermalife?

At Thermalife our main focus is quality - both of service and of product. We only install equipment from manufacturers that we know will meet our high standards, and we make sure the quality of our work does the same. We aim to fix problems in the most cost effective way possible to give efficiency over the entire life of the system. In the long term this will save you money and give you the best performance out of your system.

Rather than just writing reports, we will always try to fix problems or replace parts where possible. Commercial installations are often complicated, and the controlling building management systems alone can be the source of many issues. We work with highly experienced electrical engineers to make sure your system is set up properly and functioning as it should.