New boiler installations & boiler replacements

Your boiler is one of the most important parts of your home, supplying hot water and heating throughout your house to meet the needs of you and your family. Whether it be a small combination boiler or a larger system boiler and cylinder, Thermalife are able to install the system to meet your requirements. We are Vaillant Advanced installers, meaning we can provide longer warranties on new Vaillant boilers. We also install other industry leading brands like Veissman and Worcester Bosch to better suit our customer’s needs.

What type of boiler do you need?

There are three main types of boiler system as explained in the video above - combi, system and heat-only (or regular). Each one has their applications, governed by how they will be used, the number of people using them and the space available.

Combination boilers

Combi boilers are the most space efficient type of boiler becuase they do not require space for stored water. This benefit is also their limitation- while they save space, they are also unable to deal with large demands. They are most suitable for smaller sized properties where only a single user at a time will require hot water.

System boilers

System boilers require a hot water storage tank so require additional storage space such as an understair or airing cupboard, but are able to supply much greater volumes of hot water to multiple users at once.

Heat only/regular boilers

Heat only boilers require both a hot water storage tank and either a tank in the loft (for unpressurised systems) or additional components (for a pressurised system). Although they can require more space, they can provide solutions where other boilers are not appropriate, for example in areas where the water pressure is very low.

If you need a new boiler, it can often be a case of swaping old for new. However, this can also be the perfect time to upgrade or alter your central heating system so it better suits your needs. If you need any advice or information about a new boiler or what system upgrades can help in your home, give us a call on 07775 837 892.

How to save money with your new boiler

Your new boiler will most likely be far more efficient than the one it replaces. Since 2005 all new gas boilers must be condensing, and since 2018 all boilers must be Boiler PLUS compliant. This means your boiler will have a minimum ErP efficiency of 92% and must also have controls fitted to minimise gas usage and save you money.

  • Annual Servicing

    Most manufacturers require their boiler to be serviced annually in order to keep their warranty current. These services also have the additional benefit of making sure your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible.

    Planned preventative maintenance not only allows you to notice problems before they become an issue, but with thorough inspections you can prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your system.

  • Magnetic Filters

    System filters, especially magnetic filters such as the Adey Magnaclean, have become industry standard in the last few years. Fitting a filter to your system allows you to remove any harmful metallic material from your system before it reaches your boiler.

    This not only improves the flow of water around your system, and therefore improves it’s efficiency, but prevents this material from causing blockages and requiring replacement parts.

  • System Flushing

    While all systems will require flushing before your new boiler is installed, this may not remove the most persistent buildup of material from the system. This is especially the case on very old systems, or systems with very old radiators.

    As the inside of the radiators corrode, they deposit material in their waterways which can not only reduce the efficiency of radiators but block essential components in your boiler. In these cases, we recommend the system is powerflushed before the new boiler is installed.